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Wood Working

If you are looking to produce that one off prototype or unique piece we can laser cut and carve into a variety of soft and hard woods including veneers, allowing you to expand your possibilities or if you are simply looking for some intricate detailing we can help finish off your project.

We have experience in laser cutting a range of panels including MDF and Plywood. 

If you are designing a new product we can help with your prototype by supplying a working model made from board which allows adjustments to be made before proceeding with the finished product, This helps to reduce costs and time.

We can engrave patterns and images into the surface of most wood types giving a new look to any piece.

we have produced a range of products to meet customer needs.

If you run your own crafting business we can cut and supply you with a range of materials and products for you to incorporate into you own projects.

We can engrave any existing products you may have to add an alternative element .

We can manufacture a range of wooden signs and logos.

This just outlines a few of the possibilities.

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